Rick Vasquez Firearms LLC

235 Deer Creek Road

Winchester VA  22602


Social Security Number:

Country of Citizenship:  U.S.

Security Clearance:  Top secret


October, 2014 – Present

Independent Firearms Consultant

  • Provide services related to firearms identification and classification, as applied to the Gun Control Act and National Firearms Act, to the firearms industry and the private sector.

August, 2011 – September 2014


Firearms Trafficking and Interdiction Branch, Firearms Operations Division

Program Manager/ Branch Chief Firearms Training Branch

  • Developed programs and training on firearms trafficking and interdiction.
  • Assisted Field Operations in identifying and instructing firearms trafficking trends.
  • Assisted in updating and writing all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the National Firearms Act Branch (NFA).
  • Developed specific training on 3D printing, partially complete receivers, and counterfeit firearms.
  • Trained all Central American and Mexican federal law enforcement counterparts on U.S. firearms laws and regulations.
  • Serve as the firearms expert for Field Operations on all firearms related subjects.
  • Presented United States firearms regulations and trafficking trends to Interpol and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Developed and presented a course on importation guidelines and United States Firearms laws to the Australian Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission and Australian Customs.

 June 1999 – August 2011


Firearms Technology Branch

Assistant Branch Chief, Acting Chief, Firearms Technology Branch (FTB)

  • Supervised and trained a staff of 14 personnel, including 8 Firearms Enforcement Officers, 1 Evidence Technician, 1 Writer-Editor, 1 Program Analyst, and 2 Gunsmiths.  Organized the workload and performed all personnel functions of this office.
  • Developed training in all aspects of firearms use and identification.  Instrumental in developing and implementing training for law enforcement counterparts in several Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Served as the expert on all Gun Control Act (GCA) and National Firearms Act (NFA) identification and classifications.
  • Wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all aspects of FTB operations.  These SOPs have now been used to defend ATF policies in criminal and civil litigation.
  • Served as a Firearms (shooting) Instructor.
  • Instrumental in developing firearms identification training specifically for the “Southwest Border” program.
  • Reviewed and corrected all reports prepared on evidence submitted by ATF special agents.
  • Served as the expert on classification on items submitted by the firearms industry for classification under the GCA and the NFA.
  • Served as the expert on firearms importation guidelines and reviewed all items submitted for approval for importation.

 June 1996 – June 1999


Firearms Instructor – November 1996 – June 1999

 Conducted all manner of firearms training for DSS.  Developed training syllabi for long-range rifle training, fire and maneuver tactics, submachine gun, handgun, and evacuation techniques under live fire.

  • Certified the Mobile Security Division and the Tactical Response team as firearms instructors.
  • Wrote training manuals and training syllabi to cover all aspects of firearms training.
  • Developed and conducted training in force protection, IED detection, surveillance and counter terrorism.
  • Instructed the force continuum policy to DSS Special Agents.

August 1974 – April 1996


  Attained the rank of Master Sergeant and served in many key leadership positions.

 August 1994 – April 1996

 Detachment Commander – American Embassy, Moscow, Russia –

January 1993-August 1994

Detachment Commander – American Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica

January 1989- January 1993

Floor Chief – Weapons Training Battalion – Quantico, Virginia

  •  Instructed an armorer training course in Colombia, South America, in support of “Operation Snowcap.”
  • Certified as a High Risk Personnel (firearm trainer) instructor.

January 1974 – January 1989

 Recruiter –Winston Salem NC – and other various duty stations

Received the award as Non Commissioned Office in Charge of the Year and was

meritoriously promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.


  • Testified over 40 times in Federal and state court and certified as an expert witness
  • Instructor for Interstate Nexus course
  • Distinguished High Power Rifle Shooter
  • Previous FFL Holder, successful business in custom rifle repair and sales
  • Certified armorer for the following gun companies, Ruger, Glock, Smith and Wesson, and Heckler and Koch
  • Received manufacturing and historical instruction at the following firearms sites; Marlin, Savage, H&R Inc., Winchester, Mossberg, Springfield Armory, Wilson Tools, Sig, Glock, Walther, Mauser, etc.
  • Completed course of instruction in Principles of Acoustics and the Measurement of Sound
  • Developed a course in recognition of silencers/silencer components and served as an expert in the classification of silencers and silencer components under federal statutes
  • Wrote numerous training lesson plans in the use and identification of firearms related subjects
  • Have trained official government personnel in firearms identification in the following countries: France, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Jamaica, Curacao and Guatemala
  • Conversant in all aspects of the NFA
  • Knowledgeable in the requirements of importing firearms and firearms components
  • Presented firearms regulations to the Guatemalan Supreme Court
  • Received public service award from the United States Attorney in the 4th district
  • Recipient of ATF’s Distinguished Service Medal
  • Recipient of numerous letters of appreciation from ATF, FBI, and foreign law enforcement