The Illusion of Safety and Protection:

How do you know if you and your family are safe?

Every day we hear of violent attacks on homes and businesses.  Electronic security provides a small measure of perceived safety, but the best measure is active awareness and prevention.  We aim to equip our clients with the necessary tools to become proficient with basic security concepts, basic deployment of firearms, or specifically tailored programs to fit their needs.

Every 44 seconds a home is broken into.  The recording from your camera will tell the police who was there.  However, when will the police get there?  Our instructors are among the most skilled in the world, combining real world tactical and security experience with several years of instruction and training from both the U.S Military and Diplomatic Security Service. Our personnel have deployed to and trained and supported both domestic and foreign missions in overseas hostile territories and in combat zones. Our instructors are highly skilled in the use of firearms for both aggressive and defensive measures, and have also consulted in the training and application of several tiers of security and tactical prevention. With this experience and proven application, our instructors will give you the proper toolkit to be safe in your home and all of your travels.

The unfortunate reality of this violent world is that high profile bodyguards often bring attention to the person they aim to protect.  While having a circle of protection may bring mental comfort, it won’t stop a dedicated attacker.  A strong resolve and the proper knowledge will.

Our goal is ensuring that your home, business, family, and you are safe when traveling or at home, and we do that by the following:

Training for you and your family members on:

  • Situational awareness
  • Anatomy of an attack
  • Counter surveillance and counter measures
  • Threat determination and minimization
  • Personal physical security
  • Firearms instruction and proficiency, and legal ramifications/remedies

Security and site surveys of your home and business:

  • A review of current security measures and recommendations for possible enhancements to home(s), vehicles and residences.
  • Seminars to home owners associations or to individual businesses and or families.

Threat assessment:

Providing professional personnel to travel with you:

  • All security concepts personnel are former federal government law enforcement and/or military personnel and have had formal training and practical experience in domestic and overseas personal protection and physical security of high-risk facilities.
  • A traveling security professional can be arranged to travel with you or your family and will be paired to each client or to work with your current security detail.

But most importantly, we want you to have a rewarding experience.

Contact us today, and we will customize a plan to fit your needs.